You Are Cordially Invited Part 2

  1. Welcome To My World (remake)
  2. Make Me Know It (remake)
  3. I'm Leavin (remake DJ Ethan)
  4. A Little Less Conversation (12'' extended remix)
  5. Didja Ever (remake)
  6. Fools Rush In (remake strings by Jimmycool)
  7. Sand Castles (remake by Jack)
  8. She Wears My Ring (remake 2012 unreleased by DJ Ethan)
  9. The Girl Of My Best Friend (remake)
  10. Long Black Limousine (remake)
  11. Sing You Children (remix by Jack)
  12. Judy (remix by DJ Ethan)
  13. Shoppin' Around (remake)
  14. For The Millionth And The Last Time (remix by DJ Ethan)
  15. Blue Suede Shoes (remake 2012)
  16. A Mess Of Blues (remake)