Viva La Elvis

  1. Viva Las Vegas (Josh Wildfire remix)
  2. Viva Las Vegas Radio Spot 1
  3. Viva Las Vegas Radio Spot 2
  4. Viva Las Vegas (movie version)
  5. C'mon Everybody (movie version)
  6. Unknown (by Ann Margaret)
  7. What'd I Say (movie version)
  8. Appreciation (by Ann Margaret)
  9. The Climb (by George McFadden)
  10. Elvis Arrives At The Set Of Girls Girls Girls
  11. RCA Victor Record Player Commercial
  12. Scotty Moore Interview
  13. White Christmas (take 9)
  14. We're Gonna Move (alternate take)
  15. That's The Way It Is Radio Spot
  16. Poor Man's Gold (remix)
  17. You'll Think Of Me (takes 1-3,6)
  18. You'll Think Of Me (take 7)
  19. You'll Think Of Me (takes 4,5,8)
  20. Snowbird (live 29-01-71)
  21. Tom Jones Interview
  22. I'm A Roustabout (remastered)
  23. I'm A Roustabout (remastered)
  24. Elvis In Canada (02-04-58)
  25. Schiffers FM (radio broadcast Netherlands)
  26. Spring Fever (movie version)
  27. On Top Of Old Smokey
  28. Western Union (backing track)
  29. A Boy Like Me, A Girl Like You (backing track)
  30. Baby What You Want Me To Do (backing track)