Undubbed, Alternate And More

  1. A Fool Such As I (alternate version)
  2. Hi-Heel Sneakers (original unedited master)
  3. Can´t Help Falling In Love (Danske remix)
  4. Today, Tomorrow And Forever (duet version, take 2)
  5. Let Us Pray (alternate master)
  6. If I Can Dream (alternate take 4)
  7. Faded Love (original unedited version)
  8. Mary In The Morning (take 4)
  9. Suspicious Minds (without horns)
  10. The Wonder Of You (alternate version)
  11. Always On My Mind (overdubbed version)
  12. Bridge Over Troubled Water (undubbed version)
  13. I've Lost You  (unreleased stereo mix)
  14. My Boy (overdubbed version)
  15. This Time - I Can't Stop Loving You (informal recording)
  16. I'll Remember You (original unedited master)
  17. It's Diff'rent Now (rehearsal 1973)
  18. You'll Never Walk Alone (take 2)
  19. Moody Blue (unedited master rough mix)
  20. Charro (Morricone edit)
Label Alberto Records