UK EP Collection Volume 3

Follow That Dream

  1. Follow That Dream
  2. Angel
  3. What A Wonderful Life
  4. I'm Not The Marrying Kind

    Kid Galahad

  5. King Of The Whole Wide World
  6. This Is Living
  7. Riding The Rainbow
  8. Home Is Where The Heart Is
  9. I Got Lucky
  10. A Whistling Tune

    Love In Las Vegas

  11. If You Think I Don't Need You
  12. I Need Somebody To Lean On
  13. C'mon Everybody
  14. Today, Tomorrow And Forever

    Elvis For You Volume 1

  15. Rip it Up
  16. Love Me
  17. When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again
  18. Paralyzed

    Elvis For You Volume 2

  19. Long Tall Sally
  20. First in Line
  21. How Do You Think I Feel
  22. How's the World Treating You

    Tickle Me

  23. I Feel That I Have Known You Forever
  24. Night Rider
  25. Slowly But Surely
  26. Dirty, Dirty Feeling
  27. Put The Blame On Me

    Tickle Me Volume 2

  28. It Feels So Right
  29. Easy Question
  30. Long Lonely Highway
  31. I'm Yours

    Easy Come, Easy Go

  32. Easy Come, Easy Go
  33. Yoga Is As Yoga Does
  34. Sing You Children
  35. I'll Take Love
Label Presleyville
Release unknown