Tigerman - An Alternate Anthology Volume 1 - 4

Disc 1 - Volume 1

  1. Shake, Rattle And Roll (take 4)
  2. One Night Of Sin (take 2)
  3. Don't (master with extra studio chat)
  4. King Creole (take 13)
  5. Steadfast, Loyal And True (take 14)
  6. As Long As I Have You (take 5)
  7. Lover Doll (take 8)
  8. Soldier Boy (takes 2-9)
  9. Like A Baby (takes 3,5,1)
  10. Lonely Man (group version)
  11. Husky, Dusky Day
  12. I'm Yours (single version)
  13. Sound Advice (stereo master)
  14. On Top Of Old Smokey
  15. Easy Question (take 4)
  16. Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers (take 2)
  17. Western Union (take 2)
  18. If You Think I Don't Need You (takes 5,9,10)
  19. Puppet On A String (take 10)
  20. Down In The Alley (screaming girls version)
  21. I'll Remember You (vocal overdub take 3)
  22. If Everyday Was Like Christmas (takes 1,2)
  23. Speedway (take 4)
  24. Stay Away, Joe (alternate take)
  25. Goin' Home (take 16)
  26. Mama Liked The Roses (with Elvis harmony vocal)
  27. Suspicions Minds (unfaded master)
  28. Do You Know Who I Am (false starts)
  29. It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin' (take 1)
  30. Memory Revival (instrumental)

Disc 2 - Volume 2

  1. Heart Of Rome (undubbed)
  2. There Goes My Everything (undubbed)
  3. Sylvia (undubbed)
  4. Twenty Days And Twenty Nights (rehearsal)
  5. There's A Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On (horn overdub)
  6. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (duet with Ginger Holaday)
  7. My Way (studio, alternate mix)
  8. Separate Ways (strings overdub)
  9. Always On My Mind (strings overdub)
  10. It's A Matter Of Time (strings overdub)
  11. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry (alternate mix)
  12. Girl Of Mine (undubbed extended)
  13. Sweet Angeline (undubbed)
  14. Help Me (studio, undubbed)
  15. If You Talk In Your Sleep (undubbed alternate version)
  16. Thinking About You (undubbed extended version)
  17. My Boy (overdubbed version)
  18. Talk About The Good Times (extended alternate version)
  19. The Twelfth Of Never (overdubbed version)
  20. Tiger Man (extended version)
  21. Moody Blue (extended version)
  22. Never Again (undubbed)

Disc 3 - Volume 3

  1. Too Much Monkey Business (master take with chat)
  2. U.S. Mail (alternate version)
  3. A Little Less Conversation (alternate take 10)
  4. You'll Think Of Me (undubbed alternate version)
  5. Wearin' That Loved On Look (guitar overdub version)
  6. A Little Bit Of Green (unrepaired master)
  7. From A Jack To A King (unrepaired master, backup vocal overdub)
  8. Inherit The Wind (alternate master, backup vocal overdub)
  9. Stranger In My Own Home Town (alternate mix)
  10. Power Of My Love (alternate mix)
  11. Any Day Now (alternate mix)
  12. I Got A Woman (live, 22-08-69 MS, unused master version)
  13. The Wonder Of You (live, undubbed master)
  14. I've Lost You (unedited stereo master)
  15. Just Pretend (undubbed studio version)
  16. The Wondereful World Of Christmas (vocal overdub)
  17. Leavin' It Up To You (stage rehearsal)
  18. It's Over (live, unreleased alternate mix)
  19. I've Got A Thing About You Baby (alternate version)
  20. Are You Sincere (edited, take 1)
  21. I Got A Feelin' In My Body (alternate version)
  22. My Boy (undubbed studio version)
  23. Good Times Charlie's Got The Blues (undubbed studio version)
  24. Your Love's Been A Long Time Coming (unedited, take 9)
  25. Solitaire (undubbed studio version)
  26. My Way (multi track version)

Disc 4 - Volume 4

  1. You'll Think Of Me (alternate mix)
  2. In The Ghetto (unreleased unfinished master)
  3. Rubberneckin' (unreleased unfinished master)
  4. Wearin' That Loved On Look (alternate mix)
  5. Suspicious Minds (unreleased unfinished master)
  6. True Love Travels On A Gravel Road (takes 9,8)
  7. Power Of My Love (takes 4-6)
  8. Tha Fair Is Moving On (alternate mix)
  9. Proud Mary (live, undubbed master)
  10. I've Lost You (undubbed master)
  11. If I Were You (unedited take 5)
  12. Suspicious Minds (rehearsal)
  13. Stranger In My Own Home Town (unedited version)
  14. Reach Out To Jesus (unreleased Elvis' vocal version)
  15. Never Been To Spain (live)
  16. Hawaiian Wedding Song (stage recording, takes 1,2)
  17. No More (stage recording, take 2)
  18. Hawaiian Wedding Song (stage recording, take 3)
  19. Early Morning Rain (stage recording, master take)
  20. Mr. Songman (unreleased alternate mix)
  21. There's A Honkey Tonk Angel (undubbed master)
  22. Down In The Alley (informal recording)
  23. Hurt (undubbed master take)
  24. Love Coming Down (undubbed master take)
  25. Way Down (alternate undubbed master)
  26. Unchained Melody (live, without overdubs)
Label Wonderland Records
Release WLR-2157


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