The Best Of British - The RCA Years 1959-1960

UK Chart Topping Singles

  1. I Got Stung
  2. One Night
  3. A Fool Such As I
  4. I Need Your Love Tonight
  5. It's Now Or Never
  6. Are You Lonesome Tonight

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  7. My Wish Came True
  8. A Big Hunk O' Love
  9. It Feels So Right
  10. Soldier Boy
  11. I Will Be Home Again
  12. Like A Baby
  13. Such A Night
  14. Fame And Fortune
  15. Doin' The Best I Can

    Magical Movie Memories

  16. G.I. Blues (short movie trailer)
  17. Pocketful Of Rainbows (duet with Juliet Prowse)
  18. What's She Really Like (shower song)
  19. Tonight's All Right For Love (German single version)
  20. G.I. Blues (UK radio ad version 1)
  21. Frankfort Special (train version)
  22. G.I. Blues (UK radio ad version 2)
  23. Wooden Heart (puppet show version)
  24. G.I. Blues (UK radio ad version 3)
  25. Shoppin' Around (live nightclub version)
  26. G.I. Blues (UK radio ad version 4)
  27. Big Boots (slow second version, take 6)
  28. G.I. Blues (long movie trailer)
  29. Pocketful Of Rainbows (Jimmy Breedlove)
  30. I Gotta Know (Paul Evans)
Label FTD
Release 506020-975089


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