Eternally Presley

  1. Elvis Talks About His First Record
  2. My Happiness
  3. Elvis Talks About His Favourite Record - My Prayer
  4. Elvis Sells Some RCA Record Players (unreleased 1956 promo)
  5. J.D. Sumner Remembers Elvis
  6. I Believe In The Man In The Sky (take 1)
  7. Scotty Moore Talks About The First Recordings
  8. Suspicious Minds (complete session, takes 1-8)
  9. John Lennon & Paul McCartney Talk About The Meeting With Elvis The Night Before (1965 radio)
  10. Lady Madonna
  11. Marty Lacker Remembers The Wedding
  12. The Twelfth of Never (overdub version)
  13. Charlie Hodge Remembers Their Last Hawaiian Holiday
  14. There Goes My Everything (alt take)
  15. On Tour Radio Spot
  16. Memphis Radio August 16th, 1977, With Vernon Presley
  17. Sweet, Sweet Spirit
  18. J.D. Sumner - Walk With Me
  19. Rest In Peace Narration By J.D. Sumner