Elvis Unedited Volume 2

  1. I Was Born About Ten Thousand Years Ago (master)
  2. Little Cabin On The Hill (unedited master)
  3. It's Your Baby, You Rock It (backup vocal overdub)
  4. It Ain't No Big Thing (master, different mix)
  5. Just Pretend (overdubbed master with count-in)
  6. Heart Of Rome (take 3, workpart take 1, overdubbed)
  7. Faded Love (brass & string overdubbed master with count-in)
  8. I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water (complete overdubbed master)
  9. Snowbird (take 2, faded different mix)
  10. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (overdubbed master, different mix)
  11. Amazing Grace (take 2, no backing vocals)
  12. For Lovin' Me (unedited master)
  13. Miracle Of The Rosary (unedited undubbed master)
  14. Help Me Make It Through The Night (unedited master)
  15. Fool (unedited take 1)
  16. Thinking About You (unedited overdubbed master)
  17. My Boy (unedited overdubbed master)
  18. Your Love's Been A Long Time Coming (unedited overdubbed master)
  19. She Thinks I Still Care (unedited undubbed master)
  20. The Last Farewell (unedited undubbed master)
Label Dynagrave
Release DGR-201502-2