Elvis Remix Collection

Disc 1 - Spankox Re:Versions

  1. Baby Let's Play House (highpass radio edit)
  2. Don't Be Cruel (highpass radio edit)
  3. Teddy Bear (highpass album cut)
  4. Jailhouse Rock (highpass radio edit)
  5. All Shok Up (highpass album cut)
  6. Blue Moon Of Kentucky (highpass album cut)
  7. Heartbreak Hotel (highpass radio edit)
  8. Too Much (highpass album cut)
  9. Just Because (highpass eyes cream 3am short mix)
  10. You're A Heartbreaker (highpass edit)
  11. That's All Right (highpass x-treme edit)

    Bonus Tracks & Ringtones

  12. Blue Moon Of Kentucky (highpass mix with Elvis intro)
  13. Don't Be Cruel (highpass extended mix)
  14. Baby Let's Play House (highpass extended mix)
  15. When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again (no whistle version)
  16. Blue Moon Of Kentucky (original remastered version)
  17. Baby Let's Play House (original remastered version)
  18. Blue Moon Of Kentucky (re:version ringtone)
  19. Baby Let's Play House (re:version ringtone)
  20. Re:Versions Megamix

Disc 2 - Spankox Re:Mixes

  1. One Sided Love Affair (highpass radio edit)
  2. A Fool Such As I (highpass radio edit)
  3. Hound Dog (highpass album mix)
  4. Let Me (eyes cream radio edit)
  5. Lover Doll (highpass radio edit)
  6. A Big Hunk O'Love (highpass radio edit)
  7. Paralyzed (highpass album cut)
  8. King Kreole (highpass edit)
  9. Poor Boy (highpass album cut)
  10. How Do You Think I Feel (highpass album cut)
  11. When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again (highpass album cut)
  12. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (highpass album cut)
  13. We're Gonna Move (ago album edit)
  14. Blue Moon Of Kentucky (highpass extended mix)
Label Everness
Release 773848 116621