Elvis In The Studio 1961 Volume 1

  1. I'm Coming Home (master take)
  2. Gently (master take)
  3. In Your Arms (master take)
  4. Give Me The Right (master take)
  5. I Feel So Bad (master take)
  6. It's A Sin (master take)
  7. I Want You With Me (master take)
  8. There's Always Me (master take)
  9. Starting Today (master take)
  10. Sentimental Me (master take)
  11. Judy (master take)
  12. Put The Blame On Me (master take)
  13. Kiss Me Quick (master take)
  14. That's Someone You Never Forget (master take)
  15. I'm Yours (master take)
  16. His Latest Flame (master take)
  17. Little Sister (master take)
  18. For The Millionth And The Last Time (master take)
  19. Good Luck Charm (master take)
  20. Anything That's Part Of You (master take)
  21. I Met Her Today (master take)
  22. Night Rider (master take)
  23. There's Always Me (mono master)
  24. Give Me The Right (mono master)
  25. It's A Sin (mono master)
  26. Sentimental Me (mono master)
  27. Starting Today (mono master)
  28. Gently (mono master)
  29. I'm Coming Home (mono master)
  30. In Your Arms (mono master)
  31. Put The Blame On Me (mono master)
  32. Judy (mono master)
  33. I Want You With Me (mono master)
Label Rocks Off Records