Elvis Has Left The Building

  1. Elvis Recites Softly (03-09-73) - We Interupt This Progam
  2. CBS News Report 'Elvis Is Dead'
  3. Newsroom About The Possible Cause Of Elvis' Death
  4. Reporter Talks To Joe Esposite And Charlie Hodge
  5. Reporter Discusses The Importance Of Elvis In Our Society
  6. CBS Newsreport From Memphis
  7. More 'On The Street' Reactiosn
  8. Part 2 Of The TJ Sheppard Interview (WLAQ Radio, Chicago)
  9. CBS Newscast Including An Overview Of Elvis' Career
  10. Autopsy Report News Update
  11. Rectification Of The Story That Drugs Was The Cause Of Death
  12. Report By Julie Seymour About The Cause Of Death
  13. People Calling The Station About The News Of Elvis' Death
  14. WLS Radio Reporter Analyses The Darker Side Of Elvis' Career
  15. Report About The Book 'Elvis What Happened'
  16. Channel 7 'Eyewitness News'
  17. Reporter Quotes Famous Reactions
  18. WHBQ Memphis Report By Sid, Who Talks To Elvis' Father
  19. Radio Luxembourg, Tony Prince Announces News Of Elvis' Death
  20. Radio Luxembourg (ctd)
  21. Tony Prince Talks To UK Fanclub President Todd Slaughter
  22. Reactions From Fans, A European Perspective
  23. Elvis What Happend (excerpt from press conference)
  24. Elvis Backstage In Vegas With A Few Asian Fans (09-08-73)
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