Easy Come, Easy Go - Camden Version

  1. C'mon Everybody (alternate vocals)
  2. A Whistling Tune (stereo master)
  3. I'll Be There (alternate vocals)
  4. I Love Only One Girl (movie version)
  5. Easy Come, Easy Go (complete master)
  6. Mexico (undubbed)
  7. Night Life (alternate)
  8. Santa Lucia (3 track stereo)
  9. Tonight Is So Right For Love (take 8)
  10. Guadalajara (alternate backing track)
  11. Angel (take 2)
  12. There Is So Much World To See (undubbed)
  13. A Little Less Conversation (alternate backing track)
  14. Follow That Dream (alternate)
  15. The Love Machine (alternate mix)
  16. Long Legged Girl (alternate master)
Label CMT
Release CMT 776