Crystal Voice Volume 3

  1. Promised Land (echo version)
  2. Love Song Of The Year (undubbed)
  3. You Love's Been A Long Time Coming (undubbed)
  4. Help Me (undubbed)
  5. It's Midnight (alternate take 3)
  6. You Asked Me To (undubbed)
  7. Thinkin' About You (undubbed)
  8. If You Talk In Your Sleep (alternate)
  9. Mr. Songman (alternate take)
  10. Take Good Care Of Her (alternate)
  11. There's A Honky Tonk Angel (undubbed)
  12. For Ol' Times Sake (alternate)
  13. I've Got A Thing About You Baby (alternate)
  14. Raised On Rock (alternate)
  15. Three Corn Patches (alternate)
  16. Find Out What's Happening (alternate)
  17. Just A Little Bit (alternate)