Because Of Love Volume 2

  1. I'm Falling In Love Tonight (take 7)
  2. Big Love Big Heartache
  3. Starting Today
  4. Ft. Lauderdale Chamber Of Commerce
  5. I Met Her Today
  6. What Every Woman Lives For
  7. It Hurts Me
  8. Cross My Heart And Hope To Die
  9. All That I Am
  10. Where Do You Come From
  11. Please Don't Stop Loving Me
  12. The Lady love Me
  13. A World Of Our Own
  14. I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here
  15. Today, Tomorrow And Forever
  16. Kismet
  17. Sand Castles
  18. There's Gold In The Mountains
  19. Forget Me Never
  20. Puppet On A String
  21. Riding The Rainbow
  22. They Remind Me Too Much Of You (take 7)
  23. Tomorrow Night (overdub version)


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