Riding The Rainbow

I'm ridin' the rainbow, hittin' the highway to happiness
Oh yes, I'm lookin' to find someone who's meant to be mine

(I'm livin' to love) I'm livin' to love
(and lovin' to live) and lovin' to live
(I've got a heart) I've got a heart
(I'm longin' to give) I'm longin' to give
(Oh oh oh oh)
I'm ridin' the rainbow, I'll follow that star to where you are

I'm ridin' the rainbow, headin' for heaven and happiness
I guess somebody somewhere, someday will teach me to care

(But bein' alone) but bein' alone,
(Don't bother me) don't bother me
(I'm free to have fun) I'm free to have fun
(It's fun to be free) It's fun to be free

(While) I'm ridin' the rainbow, I'll follow my star
(Oh) I'm ridin' the rainbow to where you are