New Orleans

(You'll never know) You'll never know
(What heaven means) what heaven means
Until you've been down to New Orleans (New Orleans)
You ain't been livin' till you cuddle and coo
Ah with a some black-eyed baby by de old bayou

(You've never seen) You've never seen
(kewpie doll queens)
You've never seen those kewpie doll queens
Like they got 'em in New Orleans (New Orleans)
And, ooh, they love you like no-one can (Agh!)
It makes you awful glad that you were born a man.

If-if-if you ain't been there (been there)
Man you ain't been nowhere (nowhere)
The livin's lazy and the lovin's fine (It's so fine)
If you feel low down (low down)
So help me Hannah (Hannah)
You should lose the blues in Loui-oosi-oosi-ana.

(So get the lead) Get the lead
(Out of your jeans)
Get the lead out of your jeans
And hot foot it down, hot foot down to where?
New Orleans (New Orleans)
Louisiana baby tells you stay awhile (Yeh)
Live it up (Yeh), love it up (Yeh), southern style
Way down in New (down in New) New Orleans.