Frankie And Johnny

Frankie and me we were lovers
Oh Lordy how we did love
Swore we'd be true to each other
Just as true as stars above
I was her man, she caught me doing her wrong.

My luck in poker was fading
When a new gal caught my eye
I gambled, I tried to change my luck
With a chick named Nellie Bly
I was Frankie's man but I was doing her wrong.

Well! Frankie came looking to find me
Yes, she wasn't lookin' for fun
For in her sweet lovin' hand
She was totin' a 44 gun
To shoot her man 'cause he was doin' her wrong

Well Frankie looked into the bar room
And right there in front of her eye
There was her lovin' Johnny
Makin' love to that Nellie Bly
I was her man, she caught me doing her wrong.

Yeah, Frankie, I beg, please don't shoot me
Well they'll put you away in a cell
You know they'll put your where the cold wind blows
From the hottest corner of hell
I am your man, I know I done you wrong.

Yeah please roll me over real easy
Please roll me over real slow
Roll me over real gently
'Cause my wound hurts me so
I was her man
But I done her wrong

Well now Frankie and Johnny
Well this is the end of my song
I was her man, and I done her wrong
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
Done her wrong