Tiger Man - An Alternate Anthology Volume 8

  1. Blueberry Hill (alternate take 8)
  2. King Of The Whole Wide World (uncut master take 4)
  3. I’m Falling In Love Tonight (alternate take 6)
  4. So Close Yet So Far (From Paradise) (take 4)
  5. Easy Come Easy Go (unedited master take 9)
  6. Suppose (long version master take 1)
  7. Let Yourself Go (master take 5)
  8. Edge Of Reality (master - take 8)
  9. Little Less Conversation (master take 16)
  10. Almost In Love (original single version)
  11. Gentle On My Mind (alternate mix)
  12. True Love Travels On A Gravel Road (alternate mix)
  13. Kentucky Rain (alternate mix)
  14. Cindy Cindy (undubbed master)
  15. The Fool (undubbed master)
  16. The Sound Of Your Cry (extended version)
  17. It’s Your Baby You Rock It (unedited undubbed master)
  18. How The Web Was Woven (undubbed master)
  19. Don’t Cry Daddy (rehearsal x-rated version)
  20. Until It’s Time For You To Go (undubbed master)
  21. We Can Make The Morning (undubbed master)
  22. Burning Love (rehearsal)
  23. You Dont Have To Say You Love Me (live version)
  24. America The Beautiful (live version, remixed master)
  25. Return To Sender (live version)
  26. Unchained Melody (live version)