Tiger Man - An Alternate Anthology Volume 4

  1. You'll Think Of Me (alternate mix)
  2. In The Ghetto (unfinished Master)
  3. Rubberneckin' (unreleased unfinished master)
  4. Wearin' That Loved On Look (alternate mix)
  5. Suspicious Minds (unrealsed unfinished master)
  6. True Love Travels On A Gravel Road (takes 9,8)
  7. Pover Of My Love (takes 4-6)
  8. The Fair Is Moving On (alternate take)
  9. Proud Mary (undubbed Master)
  10. I've Lost You (undubbed master)
  11. If I Were You (unedited take 5)
  12. Suspicious Minds (rehearsal)
  13. Stranger In My Own Home Town (unedited version)
  14. Reac Out To Jesus (unreleased Elvis' vocal version)
  15. Never Been To Spain (live)
  16. Hawiian Wedding Song (stage recording takes 1,2)
  17. No More (stage recording, take 2)
  18. Hawaiian Wedding Song (stage recording, take 3)
  19. Early Morning Rain (stage recording, master take)
  20. Mr. Songman (unreleased alternate mix)
  21. There's A Honky Tonk Angel (undubbed master)
  22. Down In The Alley (informal recording)
  23. Hurt (undubbed master take)
  24. Love Comming Down (undubbed master take)
  25. Way Down (alternate undubbed master)
  26. Unchained Melody (live, without overdubs)