Tiger Man - An Alternate Anthology Volume 3

  1. Too Much Monkey Business (master with extra studio chat)
  2. U.S. Male (previously unreleased version)
  3. A Little Less Converdation (alternate take 10)
  4. You'll Think Of Me (undistributed alternate version)
  5. Wearin' That Loved On Look (guitar overdub version)
  6. A Little Bit Of Green (previously unreleased unrepaired version)
  7. From A Jack To A King (previously unreleased unrepaired version)
  8. Inherit The Wind (previously unreleased version)
  9. Stranger In My Own Home Town (alternate mix)
  10. Power Of My Love (alternate mix)
  11. Any Day Now (alternate mix)
  12. I Got A Woman (recorded live unused version)
  13. The Wonder Of You (recorded live undubbed master)
  14. I've Lost You (unedited stero master)
  15. Just Pretend (undubbed version / as recorded in the studio)
  16. The Wonderful World Of Christmas (previously unrealsed vocal master)
  17. Leavin' It Up To You (stage rehearsal)
  18. It's Over (recorded live, previosly unreleased alternate mix)
  19. I've Got A Thing About You Baby (previously unreleased undubbed version)
  20. Are You Sincere (edited take 1)
  21. I Got A Feeling In My Body (previously unrealsed version)
  22. My Boy (undubbed studio version)
  23. Good Times Charlie's Got The Blues (undubbed studio version)
  24. You're Love's Been A Long Time Comming (unedited take 9  / previosly unrealsed)
  25. Silitaire (undubbed studio version)
  26. My Way (previously unrelased multi-track version)