The Ultimate Undubbed Masters Collection Volume 3

Disc 1

  1. Kentucky Rain (undubbed master)
  2. After Loving You (undubbed master)
  3. Mama Liked The Roses (undubbed master)
  4. It Hurts Me (undubbed master)
  5. Bridge Over Troubled Water (take 8, undubbed unedited master)
  6. Do You Know Who I Am (undubbed unedited master)
  7. Don't Cry Daddy (undubbed master)
  8. I Was Born About Ten Thousand Years Ago (undubbed unedited master)
  9. And I Love You So (take 5, undubbed master)
  10. She Wears My Ring (take 10, undubbed master)
  11. Pledging My Love (undubbed master)
  12. It's Only Love (take 10, undubbed master)
  13. Any Day Now (take 6, undubbed unedited master)
  14. Stranger In My Own Home Town (undubbed master)
  15. Life (take 20, undubbed master)
  16. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (undubbed unedited master)
  17. Tomorrow Never Comes (take 13, undubbed master)
  18. Steadfast, Loyal And True (undubbed master)
  19. She Thinks I Still Care (undubbed master)

Disc 2

  1. Could I Fall In Love With You (take 6, undubbed master)
  2. Gentle On My Mind (undubbed master)
  3. I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen (undubbed master)
  4. Just Pretend (take 3, undubbed master)
  5. Little Darlin' (undubbed master)
  6. Moody Blue (take 10, undubbed master)
  7. Patch It Up (take 8, undubbed unedited master)
  8. Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues (take 9, undubbed unedited master)
  9. Woman Without Love (take 1, undubbed master)
  10. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On (take 2, undubbed unedited master)
  11. Talk About The Good Times (take 4, undubbed master)
  12. Clean Up Your Own Back Yard (undubbed master)
  13. Cindy, Cindy (takes 2,3, undubbed master)
  14. Early Morning Rain (acetate, undubbed master)
  15. Your Time Hasn't Come Yet Baby (take 6, undubbed master)
  16. Burning Love (28-03-72, undubbed master)
  17. Stranger In The Crowd (take 9, undubbed master)
  18. Hurt (undubbed master)
  19. It's Midnight (undubbed master)
  20. Stay Away (take 15, undubbed master)
  21. Beyond The Reef (take 2, undubbed master)
  22. Put Your Hand In The Hand (undubbed unedited master)
  23. There's A Honky Tonk Angel (15-12-73, undubbed master)
  24. Shake, Rattle And Roll (take 12b, undubbed unedited master)
Label LucyMac