The Ultimate Undubbed Masters Collection Volume 1

Disc 1

  1. There Goes My Everything (take 3, undubbed master)
  2. Treat Me Nice (undubbed movie master)
  3. Lover Doll (take 7, undubbed unedited master)
  4. Long Black Limousine (undubbed master)
  5. Where Did They Go Lord (take 6, undubbed master)
  6. Almost (undubbed master)
  7. Fool (undubbed unedited master)
  8. Way Down (take 2c, undubbed master)
  9. Always On My Mind (undubbed master)
  10. Promised Land (take 6, undubbed master)
  11. Wonderful World (undubbed master)
  12. Twenty Days And Twenty Nights (take 9, undubbed master)
  13. Who Am I (take 1, undubbed master)
  14. There Is No God But God (undubbed unedited master)
  15. For Ol' Times Sake (undubbed master)
  16. Fools Rush In (take 24, undubbed unedited master)
  17. Sweet Angeline (undubbed master)
  18. My Little Friend (undubbed unedited master)
  19. Heart Of Rome (takes 2,3, undubbed master)
  20. I'll Be Home On Christmas Day (undubbed master)
  21. I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water (take 1, undubbed unedited master)
  22. Baby If You Give Me All Of Your Love (take 5, undubbed master)
  23. Only The Strong Survive (undubbed master)

Disc 2

  1. Your Love's Been A Long Time Coming (take 9, undubbed unedited master)
  2. The Last Farewell (false start, undubbed master)
  3. Solitaire (take 11, undubbed master)
  4. T-R-O-U-B-L-E (undubbed master)
  5. Only Believe (take 4, undubbed unedited master)
  6. I Really Don't Want To Know (undubbed unedited master)
  7. The Next Step Is Love (take 11, undubbed master)
  8. Sylvia (take 8, undubbed unedited master)
  9. Shange Of Habit (undubbed alternate master)
  10. On A Snowy Christmas Night (undubbed master)
  11. If Everyday Was Like Christmas (undubbed master)
  12. I've Got Confidence (take 2, undubbed unedited master)
  13. Unchained Melody (undubbed master)
  14. Thinking About You (take 4, undubbed master)
  15. Got My Mojo Working (take 1, undubbed master)
  16. She's A Machine (undubbed master)
  17. Wear My Ring Around Your Neck (take 22, undubbed master)
  18. I'll Never Fall In Love Again (undubbed master)
  19. Amazing Grace (undubbed master)
  20. Kissin' Cousins (no 2, take 4, undubbed master)
  21. Where Do I Go From Here (undubbed unedited master)
  22. It Ain't No Big Thing (undubbed unedited master)
  23. Without Love (undubbed master)
  24. The First Noel (undubbed master)
Label LucyMac