The Rockin' Rebel Volume 4

  1. I Want You With Me (different mix)
  2. I'm Coming Home (different mix)
  3. Shoppin' Around (take 5)
  4. Stuck On You (different mix)
  5. Such A Night (take 1)
  6. His Latest Flame (different mix)
  7. Little Sister (different mix)
  8. Witchcraft (different mix)
  9. Memphis Tennessee (rejected master)
  10. Guitar Man (take 10)
  11. Big Boss Man (take 2)
  12. A Little Less Conversation (NBC TV Show master)
  13. All Shook Up (NBC, 1st stand-up show)
  14. Jailhouse Rock (NBC, 2nd stand-up show)
  15. What'd I Say (mono master withoud backing vocals)
  16. You're A Heartbreaker (master version, without echo)
  17. The Elvis Medley (DJ promo)
Label Golden Archives
Release GA-360