The Recording Sessions Volume 74 (Girl Happy, Part III)

  1. Wolf Call (chorus vocal overdub, take 4, M)
  2. Wolf Call (edited master)
  3. Do the Clam (edited extended master)
  4. Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce (edited master)
  5. Startin' Tonight (edited master)
  6. I've Got To Find My Baby (vocal overdub, take 1, unedited master)
  7. I've Got To Find My Baby (edited master)
  8. I've Got To Find My Baby (edited movie master)
  9. Girl Happy (end title, spliced movie version master)
  10. Girl Happy (spliced master, correct speed)
  11. Girl Happy (spliced master, sped up by 7.8%)
  12. Wolf Call (movie version, transfer, take 2, M)
Label Homemade