The Bootleg Series Volume 21 - Love Me Tender

The Original EP

  1. Love Me Tender
  2. Let Me
  3. Poor Boy
  4. We're Gonna Move

    The Movie Versions

  5. Love Me Tender (movie opening theme)
  6. Love Me Tender (movie version)
  7. We're Gonna Move (movie version)
  8. Let Me (movie version)
  9. Poor Boy (movie version)
  10. Love Me Tender (end title version)

    The Alternare & Stereo Versions

  11. We're Gonna Move (undubbed master)
  12. Love Me Tender (master with count-in)
  13. We're Gonna Move (take 4)
  14. We're Gonna Move (stereo master with count in)
  15. Poor Boy (remake take 1)
  16. Poor Boy (3rd verse, vocal overdub take 6)
  17. Poor Boy (stereo master with count-in)
  18. Let Me (vocal overdub, take 3)
  19. Let Me (vocal overdub, take 4)
  20. Let Me (stereo master with count-in)

    The Original Album Mixes

  21. We're Gonna Move (from 'A Date With Elvis)
  22. Poor Boy (from 'For LP Fans Only)
  23. Let Me (from 'For LP Fans Only)

    Elvis Answers Back & Teen Parade Magazine

  24. The Truth About Me (78 and 45 rpm master)
  25. The Complete Interview
  26. The Outtakes

    Radio Promo Spots

  27. Love Me Tender (radio promo spot #1)
  28. Love Me Tender (radio promo spot #2)
  29. Love Me Tender (radio promo spot #3)
  30. Love Me Tender (radio promo spot #4)
  31. Love Me Tender (radio promo spot #5)
  32. Love Me Tender (radio promo spot #6)
Label ElvisOne
Release 021