The Bootleg Series Volume 10 - It's Now Or Never, Elvis In Mono

  1. Make Me Know It (mono master)
  2. Soldier Boy (mono master)
  3. Stuck On You (mono master)
  4. Fame And Fortune (mono master)
  5. A Mess Of Blues (mono master)
  6. If Feels So Right (mono master)
  7. Fever (mono master)
  8. Like A Baby (previously unreleased take 5)
  9. Like A Baby (mono master)
  10. It's Now Or Never (mono master)
  11. The Girl Of My Best Friend (mono master)
  12. DIrty, Dirty Feeling (mono master)
  13. Thrill Of Your Love (mono master)
  14. I Gotta Know (mono master)
  15. Such A Night (mono master)
  16. Are You Lonesome Tonight (mono master)
  17. Girl Next Door Went A' Walkin' (mono master)
  18. I Will Be Home Again (mono master)
  19. Reconsider Baby (mono master)
  20. At The Hop
  21. I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen (slow version)
  22. Apron Strings (previously unreleased)
  23. It's Been So Long Darling
  24. Earth Angel (intro) - I WIll Be True
  25. There's No Tomorrow
  26. I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen (slow version)
  27. Que Sera - Hound Dog
  28. I Asked The Lord
  29. I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen (fast version)
  30. Apron Strings
  31. The Titles Will Tell
  32. At The Hop (2 lines only)
  33. Que Sera - Hound Dog
  34. Give Me Oil In My Lamp (piano solo)
  35. Send Me Some Lovin'
Label Elvis One
Release 010