Songs Of The Century

  1. Beyond The Bend
  2. Do You Know Who I Am
  3. Goin' Home
  4. Hawaiian Sunset
  5. A Mess Of Blues
  6. Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello
  7. Blueberry Hill
  8. One Night (Of Sin)
  9. I Gotta Know
  10. My Little Friend
  11. Pocketful Of Rainbows
  12. Is It So Strange
  13. Such A Night
  14. How Would You Like To Be
  15. Anything That's Part Of You
  16. Too Much
  17. We'll Be Together
  18. King Of The Whole Wide World
  19. Witchcraft
  20. I'll Never Stand In Your Way (MRS demo acetate)
Label Glory Days Records
Release unknown