Songs Hollywood Forgot

  1. Glen Campbell Talks About His Memories Of Elvis
  2. Ol Shep (alternate version, take 5)
  3. Sammy Davis Jr. Talks About Elvis
  4. You Don't Know Me
  5. The Jordanaires Remembering Elvis
  6. Signs Of The Zodiac - Violet
  7. James Blackwood Talks About Elvis
  8. Swing Downs, Sweet Chariot
  9. Ray Walker & Gordon Stoker Talk About Elvis
  10. The Lady Loves Me (with Ann Margret)
  11. Elvis Talks About Receiving The JC Award
  12. C'mon Everybody
  13. Bob Neal Talks About Elvis
  14. Love Me Tender
  15. Mac Davis Talks About Elvis
  16. Fabian Talks About Elvis
  17. Dainty Little Moonbeams
  18. Elvis, Scotty Moore, Bill Black And Bob Neal Talk About The Texarcana Tour
  19. Fame And Fortune
  20. Stuck On You
  21. Wolfman Jack Talks About Elvis
  22. The Next Step Is Love
  23. Carl Perkins Talks About Elvis
  24. The Truth About Me
  25. Diane McBain & Deborah Walley Talk About Elvis
  26. Gene Nelson Talks About Elvis
  27. One Broken Heart For Sale
  28. James Brown Talks About Elvis
  29. Jambalaya
  30. Floyd Cramer Talks About Elvis
  31. It Hurts Me
  32. David Cramer & Jody Miller Talk About Elvis
  33. Debbie Mann Talks About Elvis
  34. Party
  35. Bones Howe
  36. If I Can Dream
  37. Elvis Greets The Audience - I'll Be Home For Christmas (excerpt)
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