Screens Of Hollywood

  1. Kissin' Cousins (long version)
  2. Catchin' On Fast (alternate master)
  3. Once is Enough (remix with sax)
  4. There's Gold In The Mountains (extended master)
  5. Take Me To The Fair (complete master)
  6. Plantation Rock (complete master)
  7. Carny Town (unedited version)
  8. Wheels On My Heels (unedited version)
  9. Little Egypt (different version)
  10. Double Trouble (extended master)
  11. It Won't Be Long (extended master)
  12. She's A Machine (remix version)
  13. Spinout (alternate master)
  14. How Can You Lose What You Never Had (remix version)
  15. Let Yourself Go (remake unedited)