The Original Album

  1. Roustabout
  2. Little Egypt
  3. Poison Ivy League
  4. Hard Knocks
  5. It's a Wonderful World
  6. Big Love, Big Heartach
  7. One Track Heart
  8. It's Carnival Time
  9. Carny Town
  10. There's A Brand New Day On The Horizon
  11. Wheels On My Heels

    The Remix Album

  12. Roustabout (Dr K remix)
  13. Little Egypt (Dr K remix)
  14. Poison Ivy League (Dr K remix)
  15. Hard Knocks (Dr K remix)
  16. It's A Wonderful World (Dr K remix)
  17. Big Love, Big Heartache (Dr K remix)
  18. One Track Heart (Dr K remix)
  19. It's Carnival Time (Dr K remix)
  20. Carny Town (Dr K remix)
  21. There's A Brand New Day On The Horizon (Dr K remix)
  22. Wheels On My Heels (Dr K remix)
  23. I'm A Roustabout (Dr K remix)
  24. Little Egypt (version 2, Dr K remix)
  25. Roustabout (version 2, Dr K remix)