Rejects Volume 3 - 1966-1969

  1. Fools Fall In Love (binaural stereo)
  2. Where No One Stands Alone (alternate spliced master)
  3. Beyond The Reef (talking at the end)
  4. Beginner's Luck (undubbed)
  5. Frankie And Johnny (complete movie master)
  6. Easy Come, Easy Go (real stereo)
  7. The Love Machine (alternate version)
  8. There Is So Much World To See (undubbed master)
  9. Long Legged Girl (undubbed master)
  10. Who Are You (take 6)
  11. Edge Of Reality (undubbed master)
  12. Don't Cry Daddy (classic overdub)
  13. Saved (acetate)
  14. Who Am I (acetate)
  15. The Fair Is Moving On (acetate)
  16. Charro (movie version)
  17. Almost (undubbed)
  18. Let Us Pray (bass overdub)
  19. If Every Day Was Like Christmas (Red West session)
Label Miracle Surface
Release 47-8020