Raised On Country

  1. I'll Never Fall In Love Again (undubbed master)
  2. I've Got A Feeling In My Body (undubbed master)
  3. A Little Bit Of Green (acoustic acetate)
  4. A Little Bit Of Green (undubbed master)
  5. A Little Bit Of Green (alternate take)
  6. Stranger In My Own Hometown (minus horns)
  7. Just A Little Bit (acetate version)
  8. Little Cabin On The Hill (undubbed acetate version)
  9. I've Got Confidence (complete undubbed master)
  10. That's What You Get For Loving Me (acetate take)
  11. Raised On Rock (acetate version)
  12. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me (alternate version)
  13. Twenty Days And Twenty Nights (undubbed master)
  14. Three Corn Patches (acetate version)
  15. Your Love's Been A Long Time Coming (acoustic mix)
  16. Got My Mojo Working - Keep Your Hands Of Her (minus voices)
  17. Cindy Cindy (minus horns)
  18. I Was Born About 10.000 Years Ago (undubbed jam session)
  19. Seeing Is Believing (undubbed master)
  20. It's You Baby, You Rock It (alternate acetate)
  21. Tomorrow Never Comes (alternate acetate)
  22. Funny How Time Slips Away (alternate)
  23. Faded Love (alternate)