Outtakes And More

  1. Mystery Train (longer fade)
  2. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (alternate)
  3. I Beg Of You (take 2)
  4. Blueberry Hill (take 2)
  5. Heartbreak Hotel (binaural stereo)
  6. Tutti Frutti (dry vocals)
  7. One NIght (stereo)
  8. It's Now Or Never (undubbed)
  9. Are You Lonesome Tonight (take 2)
  10. Don't Be Cruel (live)
  11. Love Me Tonight (alternater master)
  12. Lonely Man (solo, binaural)
  13. Poison Ivy League (alternate mix)
  14. Night Rider (alternate mix)
  15. In The Ghetto (take 2)
Label Miracle Surface
Release MS1111-33