Not All The Songs Were Too Bad

  1. Let Me
  2. Got A Lot O' Livin' To Do
  3. Treat Me Nice
  4. King Creole
  5. Tonight Is So Right For Love
  6. Black Star
  7. Forget Me Never
  8. Island Of Love
  9. What A Wonderful Life
  10. Home Is Where The Heart Is
  11. I Don't Wanna Be Tied
  12. They Remind Me Too Much Of You
  13. The Bullfighter Was A Lady
  14. Once Is Enough
  15. Do The Vega
  16. Big Love Big Heartache
  17. Puppet On A String
  18. I Feel That I've Known You Forever
  19. Mirage
  20. Please Don't Stop Loving Me
  21. This Is My Heaven
  22. Stop, Look And Listen
  23. The Love Machine
  24. City By Night
  25. The Girl I Never Loved
  26. All I Needed Was The Rain
  27. You're Time Hasn't Come Yet, Baby
  28. Edge Of Reality
  29. Let's Forget About The Stars
  30. Almost
  31. Let's Be Friends
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Release unknown