Let's Take It On Home Again

  1. WMOE Radio
  2. Jim Stewart Interview
  3. Ray & Norma ?? Interview
  4. Excerpts From The Paul Wilder Interview
  5. 'Happy' Interviews Elvis
  6. Elvis Promo For RCA Record Player
  7. "Der Elvis" In Munich
  8. Complete Johnny Paris Interview
  9. Presentation Of Awards To Elvis In Honolulu
  10. Elvis Talks About His Blue Hawaii Film
  11. The Beatles Talk About Elvis
  12. Elvis Fools Around With Peter noone
  13. The Colonel "Snowjobs" A Desparate DJ
  14. Radio Promo For "Charro"
  15. Radio Promo For "Frankie And Johnny"
  16. "Turtle" Talk
  17. Complete Jaycees Award Speech
  18. Unreleased Elvis On Tour Dialogue
  19. Elvis Pays Tribute To J.D. Sumner
  20. Elvis Is Alive And Well In His Bathroom In Kalamazoo