I'm Alive

  1. If You Talk In Your Sleep (alternate take)
  2. Mr Songman (alternate take)
  3. Love Song Of The Year (undubbed version)
  4. Sweet, Sweet Spirit (informal version)
  5. Thinking About You (undubbed version)
  6. You Asked Me To (undubbed version)
  7. When I'm Over You (alternate take)
  8. Sweet Angeline (undubbed version)
  9. Shake A Hand (undubbed version)
  10. Love Coming Down (undubbed version)
  11. Moody Blue (long version)
  12. Never Again (undubbed version)
  13. For The Heart (undubbed version)
  14. I Can Help (undubbed version)
  15. There's A Honky Tonk Angel (undubbed version)
  16. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (long version)
  17. And I Love You So
  18. Woman Without Love
  19. Fairytale
  20. I'll Be Home On Christmas Day (alternate take)
  21. Almost In Love (without guitar intro)
Label Luxel
Release Domino 16