Hollywood '72 - RCA Studio C

  1. Burning Love (take 4)
  2. Always On My Mind (unedited take 2)
  3. Separate Ways (movie version, take 2)
  4. Where Do I Go From Here (take 5)
  5. It's A Matter Of Time (undubbed master)
  6. Fool (undubbed master)
  7. Separate Ways (take 25)
  8. You Gave Me A Mountain (rehearsal)
  9. Always On My Mind (original overdubbed master)
  10. For The Good Times (original overdubbed master)
  11. It's A Matter Of Time (original overdubbed master)
  12. Separate Ways (original overdubbed master)
  13. Always On My Mind (unedited take 1)
  14. Separate Ways (take 1)
  15. Burning Love (undubbed master)
  16. Always On My Mind (undubbed master)
  17. I Can't Stop Loving You (rehearsal)
  18. For The Good Times (undubbed master)
  19. Separate Ways (undubbed master)
  20. Always On My Mind (newly remastered version)
  21. Separate Ways (newly remastered version)
  22. Burning Love (newly remastered version)