He Touched Their Lives

  1. Elvis Talks About His First Recording - My Happiness
  2. Elvis Talks About His Favourite Song - My Prayer (not Elvis)
  3. Elvis Promo For RCA Record Player
  4. J.D. Sumner Talks About His First Meeting With Elvis - I Believe In The Man In The Sky
  5. Scotty Moore talks About The First Recording Sessions
  6. Suspicious Minds (the sessions)
  7. The Beatles Talk About Meeting Elvis, August 1965 - Lady Madonna (studio rehearsal 1971)
  8. Marty Lacker Talks About Elvis And Priscilla's Wedding In 1967 - Twelfth Of Never (orchestra version)
  9. Charlie Hodge Talks About Last Vacation In Hawaii, March 1975 - There Goes My Everything
  10. Elvis On Tour (movie radio promo)
  11. August 16th, 1977 News Report. The Press Talk To Vernon presley Just Hours After Elvis' Death
  12. J.D. Sumner Introduces Sherrill Nielsen Singing Walk With Me
  13. J.D. Sumner's Tribute To Elvis - Rest In Peace