Easy Come, Easy Go & Speedway

  1. Easy Come, Easy Go
  2. The Love Machine
  3. Yoga Is As Yoga Does
  4. You Gotta Stop
  5. Sing You Children
  6. I'll Take Love
  7. She's A Machine
  8. The Love Machine (alternate take)
  9. Sing You Children (alternate take)
  10. She's A Machine (alternate take)
  11. Suppose (alternate master)
  12. Speedway
  13. There Ain't Nothing Like A Song
  14. You're Time Hasn't Come Yet Baby
  15. Who Are You (Who Am I)
  16. He's Your Uncle Not Your Dad
  17. Let Yourself Go
  18. Five Sleepy Heads
  19. Suppose
  20. Your Groovy Self (with Nancy Sinatra)