Doncha Think It's Time

  1. Doncha Think It’s Time (reversed single master)
  2. Hard Headed Woman
  3. Trouble
  4. New Orleans
  5. Crawfish
  6. Dixieland Rock
  7. Lover Doll (solo EP version)
  8. Don’t Ask Me Why
  9. As Long As I Have You
  10. Steadfast, Loyal And True (alternate master)
  11. King Creole
  12. Young Dreams
  13. Danny(master)
  14. Your Cheatin’ Heart (take 9)
  15. Wear My Ring Around Your Neck (undubbed master)
  16. A Big Hunk O’ Love (spliced takes 1,3,3)
  17. Ain’t That Lovin’ You Baby (spliced takes 2,4,1,10,10,11,8,11,8)
  18. A Fool Such As I (spliced takes 3,8)
  19. I Got Stung (spliced takes 3,1,8)
  20. Doncha Think It’s Time (reversed album master)

    Bonus Tracks

  21. Her Hand in Mine (spliced home recording)
  22. Are You Lonesome Tonight (home recording)
  23. I Can’t Help It (spliced home recording)
  24. I’m Beginning To Forget You (home recording)
  25. Apron Strings (home recording)
  26. He Knows Just What I Need (spliced home recording)
Label CMT
Release unknown