Datin' With Elvis (Screen Records)

Side 1

  1. Datin' (studio outtake from 'Paradise Hawaiian Style)
  2. Shoppin' Around
  3. Frankfort Special
  4. Vienna Woods Rock And Roll
  5. G.I. Blues
  6. What's She Really Like
  7. Big Boots
  8. Doin' The Best I Can
  9. Pocketfull Of Rainbows (unreleased studio rehearsal versions)

Side 2

  1. His Latest Flame (alternate take)
  2. Good Luck Charm (alternate take)
  3. Judy (alternate take)
  4. Little Sister (alternate take)
  5. He's Your Uncle, Not Your Dad (movie soundtrack from 'Speedway')
Label Vinyl Screen
Release 3542