"Crazy" - The Funny Side Of Elvis

  1. "Hey... Young Man" - Dressing Room Talk
  2. Elvis Does Bill Cosby
  3. "A Stone Cold Natural Freak"
  4. Elvis Talks About His Liver Biopsy...
  5. ... And his Little Finger
  6. Even Kings Do It...
  7. Joking With J.D. Sumner
  8. Sound Bites
  9. On Top Of His Game
  10. A New Year's Eve To Remember
  11. Sweets For My Sweets
  12. Ode To A Robin
  13. Foolin' Around With Kathy Westmoreland
  14. Memories Of Getting Married in The Movies
  15. The Sick Aloha Eagle
  16. The Hermit Meets The King
  17. The Girl From 'The Exorcist'
  18. Memphis, March 20, 1974 - "Outtakes"
  19. On The Set Of "Blue Hawaii"
  20. The Hilton Hawaiian Village Press Conference
  21. Elvis 'Clouseau' Signs Off...


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