Change Of Habit

  1. Change Of Habit (master)
  2. Have A Happy (master)
  3. Let Us Pray (master)
  4. Rubberneckin' (master)
  5. Let's Be Friends (master)
  6. Let Us Pray (alternate master)
  7. Change Of Habit (alternate)
  8. Have A Happy (alternate mix)
  9. Rubberneckin' (unrepaired intros & voices)
  10. Let's Be Friends (undubbed master)
  11. Let Us Pray (alternate vocal)
  12. Change Of Habit (alternate stereo)
  13. Have A Happy (alternate mix)
  14. Rubberneckin' (draft mix)
  15. Let Us Pray (backing voices in the middle)
  16. Change Of Habit (acetate)
  17. Rubberneckin' (take 2)
  18. Let Us Pray (backing vocals on both channels)
Label Miracle Surface
Release MS1113-14