By The Way - Remix Album

  1. I Got A Woman (remix by Jack)
  2. I'll Take Love (Dr K remix)
  3. Soldier Boy (remix by DJ Ethan)
  4. Blue Suede Shoes (Dr K remix)
  5. A Mess Of Blues (remix by Jack)
  6. Easy Come , Easy Go (remix by DJ Ethan)
  7. Fools Fall In Love (remix by Jack)
  8. Fame And Fortune (live remix by DJ Ethan)
  9. Smokey Mountain Boy (Dr K banjo mix)
  10. El Toro (Dr K remix)
  11. Hard Knocks (remix by DJ Ethan)
  12. Joshua Fit The Battle (remix by DJ Ethan)
  13. Mystery Train (remix by Jack)
  14. Shout It Out (Dr K remix)
  15. Put The Blame On Me (remix by DJ Ethan)
  16. Smorgasboard (Dr K remix)
  17. We'll Be Together (Dr K remix)
  18. Slowly But Surely (remix by DJ Ethan)
  19. Baby, What You Want Me To Do (remix by Jack)
  20. Inherit The Wind (remix by Jack)
  21. Miracle Of The Rosary (remix by DJ Ethan)
  22. Until It's Time For You To Go (Dr K remix)
  23. You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' (remix by Jack)
  24. Shake A Hand (Dr K remix)
  25. Separate Ways (Dr K remix)
  26. I Got A Feelin' In My Body (remix by DJ Ethan)