Bringin' It Back

  1. Bringing It Back (remix by DJ Ethan)
  2. For The Heart (Dr K remix)
  3. Singing Tree (Dr K remix)
  4. Night Rider (Dr K remix)
  5. Hound Dog (remake by DJ Ethan)
  6. Shake, Rattle And Roll (Dr K remix)
  7. Little Sister (remix by DJ Ethan)
  8. Starting Today (Dr K remix)
  9. It's Now Or Never (symphonic version by DJ Ethan)
  10. Paradise Hawaiian Style (version 2, Dr K remix)
  11. Girl Next Door Went A' Walking (version 2, Dr K remix)
  12. Separate Ways (remake strings by DJ Ethan)
  13. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me (remake by DJ Ethan)
  14. Moonlight Swim (Dr K remix)
  15. King Of The Whole Wide World (Dr K remix)
  16. A Thing Called Love (extended remix by DJ Ethan)
  17. Are You Sincere (club remix by DJ Ethan)
  18. I've Lost You (remake by DJ Ethan)
  19. Never Been To Spain (Dr K remix)
  20. Clambake (Dr K remix)