Beyond The Skyline And So Close From You

  1. I'll Never Know (alternate)
  2. It's Different Now (complete master)
  3. There's a Brand New Day On The Horizon
  4. King Creole (Viva Elvis)
  5. Blue River
  6. That's All Right Mama (remake)
  7. Early Morning Rain (alternate)
  8. Help Me Make It Through The Night (alternate take 15)
  9. You Don't Know Me - Stay Away (live medley DJ Ethan)
  10. It's A Matter Of Time (DJ Ethan mix)
  11. Until It's Time For You To Go (alternate)
  12. Kiss Me Quick (alternate take 3)
  13. I'll Take Love (take 2)
  14. It's Your Baby You Rock It (alternate unfinished)
  15. We Can Make The Morning (unfinished)
  16. I Really Don't Want To Know (live, June 24, 1977, Madison)
  17. I'm Leavin' (remake DJ Ethan)
  18. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (remake DJ Ethan)
  19. As Long As I Have You (remake)
  20. Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers
  21. Fools Rush In (take 2)
  22. A Thing Called Love (take 1)