Behind Closed Doors

  1. My Baby Left Me (remake)
  2. Jailhouse Rock (movie version)
  3. Young And Beautiful (end title version)
  4. Peace In The Valley (Pearl Harbor memorial version)
  5. Don't (count in & master take)
  6. Intro - Crawfish (movie version)
  7. A Big Hunk O' Love (remake)
  8. So Glad Your Mine (remake)
  9. Lonesome Cowboy (movie version)
  10. Ready Teddy (live, 09-09-56)
  11. Intro - When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again (live, 06-01-57)
  12. King Creole (night club version)
  13. As Long As I Have You (complete movie version)
  14. How Do You Think I Feel (remake)
  15. Teddy Bear (movie version)
  16. Little Darlin' (home recording, 27-05-58)
Label Laurel Records
Release 2901