1. Love Me Tender (end title)
  2. True Love (remaster)
  3. Young And Beautiful (take 18)
  4. Anything That's Part Of You (alternate)
  5. I Met Her Today (take 7)
  6. I'm Yours (undubbed LP master with spoken part)
  7. That's Somenone You Never Forget (alternate take)
  8. Something Blue (original backing, without Elvis)
  9. Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello (longer outtro)
  10. You Don't Know Me (with strings)
  11. Singing Tree (unedited undubbed master)
  12. Suppose (alternate vocals)
  13. In The Ghetto (unedited undubbed master)
  14. I'll Be There (master with no organ)
  15. I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen (with strings)
  16. My Boy (undubbed)
  17. I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen
  18. I Will Be True
  19. It's Still Here
Label Miracle Surface
Release 47-8029