American Recording Studios, 827 Thomas Street - Memphis Music Today Reel 3

  1. Do You Know Who I Am (takes 6,7, unrepaired, undubbed master)
  2. You'll Think Of Me (take 14)
  3. Only The Strong Survive (takes 5,6 with false starts)
  4. My Little Friend (unedited undubbed master)
  5. Who Am I (undubbed master take 1)
  6. Without Love (undubbed master take 5)
  7. It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin' (undubbed master take 3 with false starts)
  8. Mama Liked The Roses (harmony vocal overdub master)
  9. Power Of My Love (take 4 with false starts)
  10. Power Of My Love (takes 5,6a,6b)
  11. Stranger In My Own Hometown (unedited, undubbed master)
  12. I'll Be There (alternate master take 6 with excessive vocal echo)
  13. The Fair's Moving On (vocal overdubbed master take 1)
  14. Gentle On My Mind (vocal overdubbed master, organ mix version)
  15. Suspicious Minds (extended master without fade)
  16. In The Ghetto (partially overdubbed master take 22, unrepaired vocal)
  17. Poor Man's Gold (take 1 with vocal overdub)
Label Unknown