A Touch Of Class

  1. Mystery Train (remix)
  2. What'd I Say (remix)
  3. Such A Night (remix)
  4. Little Sister (remix)
  5. The Girl Of My Best Friend (remix)
  6. Just Call Me Lonesome (remix)
  7. Dirty, Dirty Feeling (remix, alternate)
  8. Flaming Star (remix)
  9. His Latest Flame (extented remix)
  10. Reconsider Baby (extended remix)
  11. I Gotta Know (remix)
  12. I'm Yours (single version)
  13. Little Sister (different mix)
  14. Make Me Know It (rare mix)
  15. Memphis Tennessee (remix)
  16. Stuck On You (extended remix)
  17. Stay Away, Joe (remix)
  18. Blue Suede Shoes (extended remix)
  19. Lonely Man (extended remix)
  20. I Feel So Bad (extended remix)
  21. Put The Blame On Me (extended remix)
  22. Steppin' Out of Line (extended remix)
  23. Suspicion (extended remix)
  24. Long Lonely Highway (extended remix)
Label RCA
Release 05-23101981